Plan your trip

Plan your trip

Tips for your trip:

Before you reach your destination

  • Coordinate in advance your transportation from the airport to the university campus/housing.
  • Keep your passport, tickets, immigration documents and relevant information in your carry-on bag. They may ask you for the address where you will stay on arrival.
  • A good practice is to have two sets of copies of your documents; you leave one at home (Peru) and bring the second one with you.
  • Do not carry meat, fruit, vegetables, liquids, toothpaste, sprays, perfumes, lighters, flammable material, or sharp objects since they can not go through customs and you could be detained.


  • Manage your budget responsibly; remember that you are now in charge of your expenses.
  • Remember that you should have a designated amount of money set aside for emergencies. 
  • You will also need to buy some items for your day to day living or other things that cannot be taken from home due to space constraints, such as sheets, pillows, blankets, etc.
  • In many cases, you will have to buy the books required for each class.
  • At the beginning, you always spend a little bit more because you need to buy things and are just getting acquainted with the place and surroundings.


  • Remember that the weather in some countries is very different to ours; consequently, you need to get informed about the specific weather conditions so you can pack what you need.



  • You are in a different country, laws are different, so abide by the rules to make this experience the best you’ve ever had. Avoid any inconveniences with the law.
  • In some countries, like the United States, legal age is reached at 21.
  • Respect any cultural differences; when in a different country, you should try to adapt to the other country’s rules and customs in order to ensure a peaceful coexistence.
  • Learn, take advantage, and enjoy your stay in the other country, meet people and share your culture with them.


  • You are now UPC and Peru ambassadors.
  • Maintain a good behavior.
  • Contact your parents when you reach your destination.
  • Students traveling during 2016-01, must enroll at UPC in 2016-01 before going away. If they do not do so or maintain any debt with the university, it will not be possible to change their status to “Enrolled Abroad.” The deadline is February 26.
  • Important: please write us when you reach your destination and check your UPC e-mail often.

In the case of “Certificates,” please confirm the date when you plan to finish the program according to the internship dates.

  • You have to make your tuition payments on time, otherwise we won’t be able to update your enrollment status and you could fail or be withdrawn from the semester.
  • To reinstate enrollment, any withdrawn student will have to pay PEN 300 and follow some procedures.
  • Any course failed at UPC, must be passed at UPC; if that course is passed abroad it will not be validated.
  • Check the foreign university’s academic calendar; UPC does not excuse absences.
  • If the student does pre-professional internship abroad, he/she MUST abide by the Career Services Office regulations. For more information, contact the Student Affairs office at your campus.
  • The “Certificates” cannot exceed the number of semesters allowed at UPC (50% over the number of academic semester of each study program).
  • In the case of Disney, students must pass all the Disney courses and the TC3 BUAD 261 course so it can be validated.
  • Validations are not processed automatically.
  • Upon completion of the program and according to the foreign university’s calendar, the International Office will receive the original certificates from the destination university, then you will be asked to pick up your certificate together with the validation form you submitted previously.
  • With these documents, you should go to the Student Center (CAA) for the corresponding validations as per their calendar published at:
  • If you have a scholarship, you must pass all the courses to be validated, as well as those that will not be validated in order to get back your scholarship status.

The upper third scholarship will not be reinstated up until the third installment payment.