Alumni Testimonials

Alumni Testimonials

“What I value the most about UPC is knowing that the faculty are successful in their fields. I saw them and wanted to be like them.”

Andrea Cabrera Castellano
Sales Management
Support Leader, IBM Peru&Bolivia
Administration and International Business Program Alumna 2009-02


“When I went on an exchange thanks to one of the agreements, I discovered that UPC’s challenge was always greater than in other places.”

Britt Katerina Añaños
General Manager
Brazil Industrias San Miguel
Administration and Marketing Program Alumna 2007-01



“They helped me to strengthen my entrepreneurial spirit, to create new things and not to give up if something went wrong along the way.”

Cintya Añaños
Peru and Chile Industrias San Miguel
Administration and Finance Program Alumna 2007-02



“I have always wanted to do things differently from the rest and I believe the university has that same spirit.”

Daniel Puga Villanueva
General Manager
Beyond Mobile
Administration and Publicity Program Alumnus 2004-02



“They taught me how to innovate and think differently. That took my career to another level.”

Daniel Titinger López
Editor - Revistas Amauta
Director - Depor Grupo San Miguel
Journalism Program Alumnus 2002-02


“They helped me to find my passion, not only to generate results, but to be happy along the way.”

Dante San Román
Category Development Manager - Corporación Lindley
Administration and Marketing Program Alumnus 2003-02


“They encouraged me to develop professional criteria to face the labor world with creative solutions.”

Eduardo Celso Chávez Díaz
Business Development Manager - EXPERIS
Industrial Engineering Program Alumnus 2004-02


“Marketing has always been my passion, but UPC helped me to discover how to use my talent and how to apply it in the best way.”

Gabriel Chávez Pooley
Marketing Sr. Manager Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Transandina Franchise Unit
Administration and Marketing Program Alumnus 2004-01


“I learned to challenge everything and to question paradigms, because everything can be done differently.”

Leonardo García Polo
General Manager - Falcon Management Partners Peru
Administration and Finance Program Alumnus 2001-01


“The university encourages entrepreneurship and that is very important. That is the way the biggest universities in the world work.”

Rafael Hospina
Country Manager
Peru, Chile and Panamá Pay U Latam
Industrial Engineering Program Alumnus 2002-01


“I wrote my first book thanks to an unconventional course. UPC left a mark in my professional career even before leaving the university.”

Sergio Vilela Galván
Editorial Director - Andean Area of Grupo Editorial Planeta Colombia
Journalism Program Alumnus 2001-02


“I studied in a very competitive environment, where people challenged themselves to the maximum.”

Rafael Contreras
Contreras Earl Architecture
Architecture Program Alumnus 2003-01


“It changed my vision of things. I always thought that Engineering was a technical, rigid career, and I learned that it is one of the sciences in most need of creativity.”

Michel Adum Abdala
Operational Excellence Manager - Consolidated Supply Management (CSM)
Industrial Engineering Program Alumnus 1999-02


“UPC encouraged me to be open to knowledge and constant learning because the business world is more and more demanding.”

Luis Guillermo Nita Cáceres
General Manager - Edifikarte Grupo Inmobiliario
Administration and Finance Program Alumnus 2002-02


“UPC was where I found what I like doing. I was encouraged not to fear ideas and, above all, to support them with a plan.”

Juan Diego García
OPINO Special Studies Manager
Administration and Marketing Program Alumnus 2008-01


“At UPC I had teachers who were open-minded and willing to help you. They broke out of the routine of simply teaching a course and giving a passing grade, they went beyond that.”

Hanz Esteban
General Manager - Imad Peru
Electronic Engineering Program Alumnus 2004-01


“This is a university which does not put limits; it allows you to develop your talents regardless of what they are thanks to the great variety of academic programs it offers.”

Dante Díaz
Exports General Manager - Inka Natural & Organic Food
Administration and Finance Program Alumnus 2001-01


“UPC encourages the ability to develop and express yourself and to implement. They apply a famous phrase: imagine, design, try and do it.”

Giancarlo Larios Francia
Special Channels Division and Export Manager - Grupo Bimbo
Administration and Marketing Program Alumnus 2002-01


“Being part of the Laureate Network has an enormous potential, an important international significance. It helps apply good practices from other universities and other cultures.”

Carlos Semsch
Commercial Manager - IGS Integral Group Solution
Administration and Marketing Program Alumnus 2001-01


“I have excellent memories of various teachers who built my character and broadened my knowledge.”

Gianfranco Esposito Olavide
Sports and Events Director - Sport Business Management
Administration and International Business Program Alumnus 2010-01


“To me, UPC means not conforming with the status quo: it is the constant desire to create something different based on what already exists.”

David Cervantes
Product Manager - LG Electronics
Administration and International Business Program Alumnus 2010-01


“I chose UPC because I liked the idea they presented: that of educating me as an entrepreneur and upstanding leader.”

Renzo Crovetto Botteri
General Manager - CDTEL
Electronic Engineering Program Alumnus 2002-01


“At UPC I was taught not to see things from a single point of view and how a specific problem can be solved from other perspectives.”

Hugo Chang
Account Manager - Nokia Networks
Electronic Engineering Program Alumnus 1999-02


“I learned that to stand out we must think creatively, and complying is not enough; it is important to go beyond expectations, go a step forward.”

Karina Chumpitaz
Channel Sales Manager Peru & Bolivia - Motorola Solutions
Administration and Marketing Program Alumna 2004-01


“It was an innovative experience. It was my second home and, at the same time, it was challenging.”

Ivette Motin
International Relations Manager - Universia Peru
Journalism Program Alumna 2003-02


“UPC is my alma mater, a super challenging university that gave me a broad vision and taught me that everything can be overcome.”

Claudia Rico Molina
Communications Deputy Manager - BCP
Advertising Program Alumna 1999-02


“I value UPC's constant development. It always offers more agreements in order to expand its students’ horizons.”

Claudia Cuadros
Legal Manager for Peru and Colombia - ANOVO Peru
Law Program Alumna 2004-02


“UPC offered me a dynamic education, with practical cases, simulators and spectacular speakers. I was taught how to do business here.”

Camila Gonzales Kahan
Director - Mujeres del Pacífico Peru and ASEP Academy
(Association of Entrepreneurs of Peru)
Administration and International Business Program Alumna 2009-01


“I chose UPC because it allowed me to take program-specific courses from the beginning.”

Gustavo Pinedo
Commercial Director - Emerson Network Power
Electronic Engineering Program Alumnus 2001-01


“I believe there was not a moment during my studies in which I felt UPC was not demanding 200% from me.”

Truelany Guerra
Market Research Manager - Head & Shoulders Latin America
Procter & Gamble - Panama International Operations
Administration and Marketing Program Alumna 2007-02


“The most important thing I learned at UPC is that there are no obstacles. The only obstacle between you and success is yourself.”

Cecilia Rizo Patrón
Sustainable Management Manager - Perú 2021
Industrial Engineering Program Alumna 1999-02


“UPC taught me to always be willing to improve, to challenge myself constantly and not to put limits to what I set out to do.”

Juan Pablo Bustamante
Deputy General Manager - Grupo Vital
Administration and Marketing Program Alumnus 2003-02



“UPC is where creativity and knowledge come together.”

Rubén Sánchez
General Manager - Hogartex
Administration and Finance Program Alumnus 2004-01


“At UPC I was taught to innovate, to challenge myself to the maximum and to create value for the company I work for.”

Carlos Parodi
General Manager - Buenaventura Ingenieros S.A.
Civil Engineering Program Alumnus 2001-02


“UPC taught me to compete with myself and to strive for excellence in everything I do.”

Luciana Liceti
Procurement and Finance Manager - PVH Corporation
Administration and International Business Program Alumna 2009-01


“UPC definitely helped me to develop my creativity, to see a little bit further and not to limit myself to the technical aspect.”

Sergio Victorio
Principal Solution Specialist - Microsoft
Systems Engineering Program Alumnus 2001-01


“UPC has always been at the forefront. Its academic quality goes hand in hand with innovation and technology.”

Elaine Ford
Director and Founder of Democracia & Desarrollo Internacional
Journalism Program Alumna 1999-01


“UPC taught me not to be afraid of change, to have my own voice, to question myself, to say what I think. To make my voice be heard as others are heard.”

Giuliana Fumagalli
Brand Innovation Manager - Belcorp
Administration and Marketing Program Alumna 2000-02


“UPC, as my alma mater, educated me by developing my aptitudes and making them stronger. Today, I am convinced that I have to repay what I learned to the new generations; it’s time to pay back what the university once gave me.”

Rodrigo Delgado Ehni
Commercial Manager - Cesel Ingenieros S.A.
Administration and Marketing Program Alumnus 2009-01


“UPC represents opening your eyes to an utterly competitive world and receiving the tools to not only participate in the game, but to win it.”

Arturo Montalván Villanueva
Managing Director - Yves Rocher, Mexico
Administration and Finance Program Alumnus 2003-02


“The Working Adult program (EPE) at UPC complemented my professional education and strengthened my desire to share my experience.”

Carlos Potestá
General Manager - Sigma Equipment del Peru S.A.C.
Business Administration Program Alumnus 2012-00


“The Working Adult program (EPE) at UPC is the place where I’ve been able to meet my professional goals.”

María Paz Delgado
Marketing Manager – PUMA Perú
Marketing Program Alumna 2015-02


“The Working Adult program (EPE) at UPC to me means excellence, perseverance and effort.”

Milagros López
Commercialization Manager - MAAF Perú S.A.C.
Business Administration Program Alumna 2014-02


“The Working Adult program (EPE) at UPC is my alma mater, where I found an important network of contacts.”

Oliver Crespo
General Manager - Biker House
Marketing Program Alumnus 2011-02


“The Working Adult program (EPE) at UPC guaranteed a vast array of possibilities in the labor market.” It guaranteed me a more solid line of career.”

Roberto Reyes
Head of Treasury and Planning - Financiera Gilat to Home Peru
Business Administration Program Alumnus 2009-02


“The Working Adult program (EPE) at UPC represents a milestone in my professional, labor and personal life.”

Lorena Pérez Helden
Marketing, Human Development and Sustainability Deputy Manager - SFK del Perú. S.A.
Marketing Program Alumna 2008-01


“The Working Adult program (EPE) at UPC helped me to have better work tools to make strategic and effective decisions.”

Mariebcke Loechle Sinty
Customer Service Manager - Maersk Line Peru
International Business Program Alumna 2009-01


“The Working Adult program (EPE) at UPC offered me a different growth possibility and tools to develop professionally.”

Flavia Posada
General Manager - Baronesa MIU
Marketing Program Alumna 2008-02


“The Working Adult program (EPE) at UPC gave me the skills to continue growing personally and professionally.”

Maria Vernal
Product Manager - Sanofi Aventis del Perú S.A.
Marketing Program Alumna 2012-01


“The Working Adult program (EPE) at UPC allowed me to grow, be promoted and achieve success.”

Baldo Zapata Carrión
Head of Communications-Social Responsibility - Konecta
Business Administration Program Alumnus 2015-01


“The Working Adult program (EPE) at UPC meant a great stage in my life, all-nighters and lots of sacrifice, which finally transforms into the great satisfaction of seeing that you’re not the same person who was admitted.”

Marco Antonio Agapito
Operations and IT Manager - AFP Habitat
Systems Engineering Program Alumnus 2010-02


“UPC has been the institution that taught me to internalize the high professional values that guide each one of my actions day by day.”

Luis Sotelo
Lawyer in the International Law Department - DLA Piper LLP (US)
Law Program Alumnus 2005-01