UPC Alumni - Mentoring

UPC Alumni - Mentoring

What is mentoring?

  • Mentoring is offering advice, information or guidance by a person with experience and skills on behalf of the personal and professional development of another (1). It is an essential skill in leadership because, in addition to managing and motivating people, it is important to help others grow and be more effective in their work (2).
  • Being a mentor can bring many benefits: Communication skills are improved, new perspectives and ways of thinking are learned, you grow professionally and obtain a great feeling of personal satisfaction.

(1) HARVARD BUSINESS ESSENTIALS “Coaching and Mentoring”


UPC Alumni - Mentoring Program:
The UPC ALUMNI – MENTORING program seeks to promote the personal and professional growth of experienced alumni and of UPC students by bringing them together in one-on-one mentoring opportunities. Mentors share their experience with students, which is very valuable for the transition from the last years at university to the labor world. Additionally, students build a valuable network and develop skills to become better professionals.


What do we achieve with this program?

  • Provide experience enabling the professional and personal growth of alumni and students.
  • Promote the development of a valuable network between alumni and students for their professional lives.
  • Students obtain a valuable point of view from someone who has been through the experience and who can give them advice on the importance of professionalism, teamwork, ethics, time management, etc. in the labor world.
  • Develop in our students the example of our alumni who support the members of the UPC community.


How is this program carried out?
Alumni and students interested in participating join UPC Alumni-Mentoring through the UPC Alumni web. The committee reviews the applications and makes a match between the professionals with experience in the student's fields of interest and the student. Participants are then sent a notice via e-mail with their mentor’s e-mail address, so they can coordinate face-to-face, telephone or online meetings. 

Alumni - Mentors
If you wish to contribute to the professional development of a UPC student, we invite you to participate. We are looking for alumni who meet the following requirements:

  • Being UPC alumni and having at least 3 years of professional experience.
  • Willing to keep in touch with a student for a 3-month period.
  • Providing advice to support students in their transition from the university to the labor world.
  • APPLY HERE: Alumni (Mentors)

Students - Pupils
You will learn from the personal and professional experience of mentoring alumni, as well as from their knowledge and skills. This relationship is very valuable for your career and for the construction of your professional network. We invite students who meet the following requirements:

  • Being enrolled at UPC in the 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th academic term.
  • Students seriously interested in their personal and professional development.
  • APPLY HERE: Students (Pupils)