UPC International Office

UPC International Office

Wake up to a world of opportunities at UPC

Welcome to UPC, come and visit the international office and see what we have to offer!

Today UPC:

Is the top ranked university in Peru for internationality* and there are more than 90 international agreements for you to visit the world.
We offer international programs at world-class universities
As you may know UPC is part of the Laureate International Universities Network

*America Economia National Ranking 2015

¿Why Study Abroad?

In today’s globalized world, it is imperative to have a culturally diverse international experience. As a professional, you will need to develop skills and tools to help you stand out in a pool of applicants when searching for a job.

Other advantages of having an international experience include:

  1. Seeing, meting, living and learning about other cultures.
  2. Adapting to changing environments and making culturally savvy decisions.
  3. Upgrading your resume.
  4. Learning or improving another language.
  5. Creating networks all over the world, both personally and professionally.
  6. Gaining independence and freedom by learning how to manage your own finances, living on your own, and becoming self-sufficient.
  7. Acquiring new passions, hobbies, sports.

Contact us:

Telephone: (511) 313-3333

  • Campus Monterrico: extention 1107
  • Campus San Isidro: extention 1186
  • Campus San Miguel: extention 7462
  • Campus Villa: extention 1188

[email protected]