Psychopedagogic Counseling

Psychopedagogic Counseling

In order to promote the student's well-being and their successful adaptation to the university system, UPC offers counseling through its programs and workshops that work as a support to face the university life demands and challenges.

Such services are designed as stated below:


University Coaching for Incoming Students who Come to Lima from Other Cities or Countries
This program seeks to strengthen the required personal resources in participating students, so they take advantage of the benefits offered by UPC's Educational Model and, therefore, ease their adjustment to university and Lima. As part of their development, participating students are given the opportunity to be mentored and guided during their adjustment process by a student from a higher term of their academic program (coach student).

Studying and Learning Strategies Workshops
This is an orientation service aimed at all UPC undergraduate students who are experiencing academic difficulties or wish to improve their performance. It is also intended for students with an adequate academic performance, but who are facing difficulties to deal with stress or test anxiety. After recognizing the students' needs, these workshops provide studying and learning strategies and techniques. 

Personal Development Workshops
They offer students a group environment to develop socio-emotional competencies such as emotional intelligence, social skills, teamwork strategies, assertive conflict resolution, emotional management, and couple and family conflict management, promoting a holistic well-being and enriching the students' personal and professional development.

Diversity and Inclusion Program
This program seeks to promote appropriate adjustment and inclusion for disabled students who want to complete a university program, considering that they will have to face not only academic demands, but also a new environment, for which they need to improve their personal resources. To this end, tutorial guidance and personal and academic support is provided for these students. This program is offered to students with any type of disability, whether it is motor, physical, sensory (visual, hearing) or cognitive.

Academic Risk Advisory
The goal of this program is to counsel students at academic risk so as to assess their academic standing and make decisions to overcome said situations. Therefore, the academic risk advisor provides students with the guidelines for a self-diagnosis of the reasons for being at academic risk and offers strategies to improve the students’ performance.


Psychological Counseling
Psychological Counseling is a dialog and interaction activity, both dynamic and confidential. It is practiced by psychologists who, by means of a personal and direct relationship, seek to provide undergraduate students with socio-emotional support in order to ensure their holistic well-being. If necessary, the psychologist can recommend additional assistance outside of the university context.

Vocational Guidance
The Vocational Guidance Program is directed to all undergraduate students who are unsure of their interests or aptitudes, or feel under-motivated by the academic program chosen and need to consolidate their vocational plan. The guidance program seeks to assess the students' aptitudes, vocational interests and personalities. After that, they are provided with a report that shows the results, conclusions and suggestions in a conversation with a psychologist.