Scholarships, Credits and Collections

Scholarships, Credits and Collections

The Scholarships, Credits and Collections Office seeks to contribute to the achievement of our students’ academic objectives, providing financing alternatives for the payment of their tuitions and support through scholarships and reclassifications, thus expanding their educational opportunities.

Additionally, this Office must ensure the timely collection of the obligations generated to customers, guaranteeing the update of current accounts, offering excellence in collection services and delinquency control, managing collection with a broad commercial vision.

It offers a timely and competent support to the payment requests that the different users make, ensuring proper cancellation, with an excellent service quality.


Via all contact channels:

  • On-site contact: via the Student Information Center:
  • Telephone contact: 630-3333
  • Web contact, via Intranet 


  • Scholarships and reclassifications
  • Payment facilities and collection queries (via Web contact)
  • Payment due notices
  • Delinquency notifications
  • Proof of non-indebtedness (via Intranet)
  • Affiliation to automatic charge (recurring charge)
  • Payment of tuition, invoices and collection letters by credit and/or debit cards
  • Payment of procedures
  • Payment of Working Adult Program (EPE) and Undergraduate Admission (EVA ATM located at every site)
  • Payments at Virtual Store
  • Assistance and various services