UPC Sports / Sports Teams

UPC Sports Teams

We have 16 sports teams at UPC. Three of them are high performance UPC sports teams.

Chess Track and Field
Female Basketball Male Soccer Team B
Female Futsal Male Futsal
Karate Kung Fu
Male Rugby Taekwondo
Table Tennis Female Volleyball
Male Volleyball Male and Female Swimming-New

The following are UPC High Performance Teams:

  • Male Basketball
  • Male Soccer
  • Male and Female Swimming-Advanced

Students who belong to the high performance sports teams face a greater level of challenge shown by the competitions and training hours. They are provided with comprehensive support to cover all of their needs: academic tutoring, psychological, nutritional and physical therapy assistance by professional specialists from the University academic programs.

If you would like to join one of the University's sports teams, sign up for the team tryouts that take place every regular term. You can sign up for these tryouts during the first and second week of classes, on the day and time that best suit you.

If you join a UPC Sports Team, you will have benefits during the current term (and also during the following term if you participate regularly in trainings and competitions). Check the academic and financial benefits and assistance that you can obtain by being a UPC athlete and a UPC high performance athlete. Among these benefits, you will find the possibility to justify your non-attendance due to the Peruvian University Sports Federation (Fedup, in Spanish) competitions and to make-up for the test and assignments developed on those days. Also, you will have access to preferential enrollment for the following term and financial benefits according to your University grades and performance.