UPC Virtual Labs

UPC Virtual Labs

The UPC Virtual Labs service is an on-line platform that makes the software applications that you may need for your individual study or practices available to you.

Thanks to this new service, you will be able to employ the software applications used in the courses you are already enrolled in, whether it is from the university sites or from any Internet connection outside the UPC network (home, an Internet booth, or an external WiFi environment).

Access this new service from the web, https://labvirtual.upc.edu.pe, the Blackboard Virtual Classroom, the Blackboard Mobile application, My UPC or Socrates Intranet. You don't need to install any software in your computer or personal computer equipment to use the UPC Virtual Labs. 

Click here to review the UPC Virtual Lab Reservation Manual.

Click here to access the iPad and Android tablet settings to use the UPC Virtual Labs.