NCUK qualifications


The IFY qualification is carefully design to bridge the gap between your current high school qualifications, and the start of your first-year university degree. Developed in cooperation with our UK university partners, the Foundation Year gives you the skills, knowledge and opportunities you need to secure a place at a top UK or international university.

Develop essential academic knowledge and skills:

Throughout the IFY qualification you will study relevant academic modules which meet the highest academic standards set by our UK foundation for future academic success upon the start of your undergraduate degree.
The IFY qualification offers a unique combination of knowledge, skills and opportunities designed to help you prepare for the rigors of the UK higher education system and gain access to your university of choice.

Gain the confidence to live and study overseas:

By first studying the IFY qualification at UPC within a supportive small-class environment, you will be well prepared to embrace the challenge of starting a degree course at the UK university. This experience will give you the tools you need to thrive and complete your degree course at your chosen university.

Successfully apply to universities:

The IFY qualification has successfully facilitated the entrance and ultimate graduation of tens of thousands of students, just like you, who have gone on to study in the UK and other destinations.

General Studies Pathways:

  • Humanities
  • Science
  • Business
  • Engineering


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