NCUK qualifications - IFY


Advanced access to the 2nd year of university – guaranteed:

With the NCUK International Year One qualification, you can study relevant and carefully designed curriculum, academically equivalent to the first year of a UK degree course, with the support and convenience of studying locally at UPC’s premier campus in Monterrico. Upon completion of your first year, you will be award with credits fully recognised by leading UK universities, as well as universities in Canada, Australia, and other parts of the world. Through the successful completion of the IYO qualification, you will have the ability to undertake the second year of your UK undergraduate degree course, either in the UK or in the international university of your choice.

A UK University Degree Closer to Home:

Embarking on the IYO qualification allows you to start your UK university studies locally so that you can obtain valuable university credits, at less than half the cost of tuition and at a minimal cost of living, before transferring to the UK and completing your full degree course experience.

General Studies Subject Areas:

  • IYO Business Management
  • IYO Events Management
  • IYO Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • IYO Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
  • IYO Civil Engineering

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