We believe in the exigency to develop people potential.



Innovative Educational Model

UPC promotes the students’ self-involvement in their learning process, through the use of didactic resources (such as debates, group discussions, workshops and collaborative learning), technological resources, and also through real case studies, so they become co-creators of their own knowledge and play an active part in their own education.

Programs with an innovative and managerial approach:

The UPC offers 49 programs designed according to the needs of today's market and the future labor trends, with a strong managerial approach to guarantee the education of unique professionals with competitive skills and an innovative approach.

Active teaching method

UPC’s Educational Model promotes the active participation of students throughout their own learning process.

The digital university

The UPC offers a different education, for students who challenge themselves and innovate to become successful professionals in a global environment. The Digital Teaching-Learning Experience (DTLE) is a practical way of teaching, based on real cases and problems, supported with technology in a complete digital environment.

State-of-the-art specialized technology

The UPC has labs equipped with state-of-the-art technology for each of its academic programs, including MAC Labs, a Medicine Simulation Center, a Computer Integrated Manufacturing Center (CIM), Recording and Editing Studios, Entertainment Software Labs, Pattern- and Dressmaking Labs, Mechatronics Labs, among others.

- Fab-Lab: Digital fabrication laboratory licensed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where projects from different disciplines such as electronics, robotics and design are integrated.

- Bloomberg simulator: Specialized space for the School of Business that allows living a stock exchange experience.

UPC University Healthcare Center

With 2,200 m2 of modern and specialized infrastructure at the Villa site, UPC's University Healthcare Center offers services in Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Psychology to the community in general (students, administrative staff and the community in general).

Veterinary Medical Center

Located at Villa campus, this modern space has a functional design to offer outpatient services, appropriate ancillary services and a surgical center with two operating rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology. In addition, it allows students of Veterinary Medicine to have a learning space. The professional care of pets is guaranteed; the student will participate and contribute in the diagnoses assisting the veterinary staff at the time of examination, treatment and possible surgical interventions.


This is UPC's business incubator. We develop and connect emerging companies within an entrepreneurial ecosystem to achieve success.


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